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My Strengths and Weaknesses

Having been engaged in music for a long time now I have been able to master several areas of my craft. I've been playing piano since I was 7 years old including piano lessons until I was 14 followed by self tutelage from then on. This constituted performing, writing, music theory lessons and intense dedication. While I am no virtuoso on piano, I have perfect pitch, I can sight read and I have very detailed and in depth knowledge of music theory. As well as this, I played drums from the age of 6 until I was 15 so I have a good sense of rhythm. I have sung in multiple choirs as a tenor and bass so I have a good ear for wide harmonies and I am a fairly competent singer.

As for my weaknesses, one that plagued me for a long time was relying on my natural talents and leaving the hard work to the last minute. This was not an issue for passing musical grade exams but became a big problem as I started to teach myself to play at gigs or as a session player. The learning process of playing for other peoples sakes has helped me improve my work ethic as well as help me be more flexible in the work that I can take. Another weakness of mine would be my lack of experience with musical technology. While I have been using analog and digital synthesisers for over a year now, learning Pro Tools as part of my SAE course has been a challenge for me. Using computers is nothing new but learning all of the in and out of DAW techniques to record and produce the highest quality sound is a big task to take up. It has been an extremely rewarding challenge so far and has helped me to record my own samples and short pieces to present to people so they can get a better understanding of what I am capable of no matter where in the world they may be.

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