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Pro Tools - How to Improve

Learning Pro Tools has been the biggest challenge for me since enrolling on the Audio Production course at SAE. As much as learning anything new takes time, most of my musical career so far has been other people recording me rather than the other way around so I never had to really use a DAW. Obviously, mastery of DAWs is fundamental to doing well on the course so I wanted to take some time to discuss how I am going to maximise my learning and improve in the most effective manner possible.

The easiest way to start improving is to utilise the thousands of Youtube tutorials and online courses available. Udemy do a highly recommended course and Avid (makers of ProTools) have a 101 course as well. Both of these I intend to look at before the new year so I can start the next trimester more comfortable than ever on Pro Tools to give me the best chance at succeeding next year. The only problem with that is that learning and mastery don't just come with time they come with practice. The only real practice students have gotten this term has been in the lab classes when we have been given the stems to use in a session or on the coursework (Radio Edit, Creative Mix). Therefore I have decided that the best way forwards is to record myself and use those stems to practise using DAWs over the christmas break and beyond. Supplementary learning can be extremely benefitial and has worked for me in the past for example with my music theory lessons helping with my GCSE music.

I am certain that a combination of these two methods should help me to become a master or Pro Tools which is vital if I want to be a flexible freelancer in the creative industry and put my best foot forwards when releasing my own music or samples.

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